RAPID CATCHUP TIME! Since I’m super behind on my posts for this project, I’ll be grouping together the letters that we usually mashup anyway, elemenopee, formally known as L M N O P! Quick thought processes are below, with sketches & artboard screenshots. Enjoy! (Even after this post, I’ll still be a letter behind. Bare with me, peeps!)

Oxford Law Offices

For this concept I wanted to play around with symmetry, since the initials OLO are pretty symmetrical and the scales of justice are a good metaphor for practicing law. I eventually favored an even more pared-down icon, with a circle encompassing a doric column as commonly seen outside of judicial buildings. Instead of a normal circle, I went with an elegant, high contrast captital O – I could see the full wordmark using a similar font. I could see this icon being embossed on some super important documents and looking pretty dope.

Natalia Makeup

For this logo, I wanted something elegant, high end & simple enough to be imprinted into blush palettes, stamped on top of lipstick covers, pattern-printed in gold leaf on custom tissue paper – the works! A single line N knocked out of the shape of a diamond did the trick for me. I’d totally splurge on products bearing this design!

Miracle Naturopathy

This letter combo was originally supposed to stand for Miracle Neurology, but when my genius idea of creating a brain-shaped M fell apart (the little tail of a brain falls more towards the center of the brain, not the right side) I had to make an adjustment. I still wanted to work on a medical logo of some sort, so I chose Naturopathy and created a medical/science-y DNA strand, substituting one waveform with a natural, organic-feeling brush stroke. I really like the combo of strictly geometric shapes with the more human touch of a brush!

Leesman Optics

Fun fact: my mom works at an ophthalmology office (smart speak for eye doctor), and I worked there for a bit during college as well. I oh-so-smartly chose a business name with double e’s, with the intent to flip & turn the e’s into eyeballs. O’s really would’ve been better for that idea, so when I saw that they actually look more like super stylish specs, I (again, super smartly) adjusted the name to be an optics shop. No artboard for this idea, just one digital iteration was all I needed, but sketches are below!

Knight Photography

I thought I’d be really clever and create a simple shutter icon with just enough parts for the inner lines to make the letter K and be all LOOK HOW SIMPLE – but, after a quick search that’s a pretty overused idea. So instead, I channeled the full Knight instead of just the initial letter K as I’ve been doing with most of these logos. I extended one of the shutter sections to create the facemask part of a knight’s helmet. Thought of adding a feather headdress to the top, but that’s also overdone in knight iconography. Simple is better!