Next for the A to Z Logos project: Sleep Inn Hotels. So, obvious confession: I cheated a little bit on this one. As you’ve probably noticed by now I live for awfully good puns, so Sleep Inn sounded like the perfect name for a comfy, inviting chain of hotels. But the business letter is H – are Inns & Hotels the same thing? For these intents & purposes: Yes. Yes they are.

I played around with the idea of a hammock or closed eyelids, but that quickly got creepy. Instead, I created an icon that’s a sun-and-moon hybrid, signaling “Nocturnal slumbers may be had in the daylight here!” Or something along those lines – combining daytime & nighttime activities from the comfort of a cutesy hotel chain. Sounds like an ideal holiday.

Check out sketches below! The artboard force was not strong with this one – I loved this first rendition.