Do designers still need business cards? Does..anyone, still need business cards?

YES. Even in today’s technology-overloaded social media-obsessed workforce, I along with my fellow artists – freelancers, photographers, even muralists – still get asked for them. If there’s a demand, we should meet the need. Besides, there’s something more personal about a tactile introduction, a memory jogger to attach a person’s face and personality to when you’re home from a networking event and borderline stalking your new connections on LinkedIn.

Moo is here to help with that. Having worked in a large retailer’s print center that is happy to gobble up new business persons’ money (and of course being a designer), I know not just any laser printer should be awarded the responsibility of handling such precious first impressions and personality stand-ins as business cards. Moo’s products, from the paper quality to finishing options, is truly exceptional and surprisingly affordable. The most basic business cards start at $20 for 50, and are anything but basic. Moo’s standard stock has such a smooth, satin finish people usually can’t stop rubbing the cards to see if it’s actually paper – a memorable first impression, indeed.

Moo has an extensive set of options from ultra-thick, colored-edge stocks, and finishing from spot gloss to gorgeous gold foil printing. A bonus feature is the ability to have a different design on the back sides of your cards, even 50 different backs in an order of 50 cards. Moo’s product library also includes stickers, postcards, flyers, even notebooks. A paper-lovers dream!

Having changed/”updated” my identity every year since college, I’ve gone through quite a few different business card designs..two alone this year. Check out images & my opinions on each product below!

Newest Moos – Square, Rounded Corner, Spot Gloss

My current set of cards is simplest in design but I’d say most lavishly finished. The spot gloss doesn’t disappoint, adding a high end feel to the flat pink fronts; a special discovery of my logo as hero. For once, I didn’t take advantage of the different back for every card feature, and kept my design standard & simple. The fronts are so sleek and chic, I can only hope my personality lives up to them!

Last Moos – Gold Foil 101

This set was a few lessons wrapped in one. First, read & believe the design guidelines. For the fronts of my cards, I wanted a simple full bleed image with my logo in gold foil (it really is sooooo nice!). I originally included a gold foil border as well, but in production the border wasn’t centered on the finished cards. There’s a few millimeter give on all cards, so borders aren’t recommended. Second lesson – gold foil doesn’t trap too precisely. My initial design featured a large, script font in gold foil appearing as if it was behind the name of my business – this required some finessing in the file, since the gold foil is applied last and would print over any normal ink elements. In the finished cards, the fold foil bled over the design a bit and was covering up the letters of my business name. I ended up reversing the effect, as seen in the image above – gold foil business name over large pink script words. I narrowed down my original five words to just three: creator, wanderer & visionary. I should have also ghosted the script – it all ends up being..a LOT. Hence the simpler redesign!

OG Moos – Standard Set, Quotes & Icons Galore

You know when you post a #tbt and are kind of embarrassed at where you used to be, but also proud that you’ve come this far? Here, we have my super old, senior year of college identity. I was obsessed with icons and quotes of the greats that I’d been hit with over the head for the past four years, and combined the two on my first set of Moo cards. My identity involved icons of all of my capabilities – the perfect shorthand resume amiright?! (so..wrong). I used multiple backs featuring quotes from GOATs like Paul Rand & Michael Bierut in naive hopes I’d seem more wise and employable by association. Even with just the basic package, I was able to afford a whole mess of cards that felt so smooth and above the rest – perfect for the graduating designer!

Request a free sample before your next card order & feel the Moo magic for yourself!