Next in the series – Aladdin! One of the most vivid, colorful tales in my VHS collection, this was selected by a vote at an art event where I featured my first two posters & asked the audience which movie should be next. Rival choices Beauty and the Beast & Cinderella didn’t stand a chance.

A classic guy-gets-the-girl-by-being-himself-after-pretending-to-be-someone-else story, the biggest lesson I got from this movie as a kid was “lying is bad and genies are good.” While halfway there, this was before I ever really understood the phrase “the grass isn’t always greener.” What were my parents talking about, all the grass is green, isn’t it?

Now (thankfully) able to process more complex themes, I see (as my parents did) this tale at its core is about loving where you are rather than envying where you think you should be. Aladdin & Jasmine both long for each other’s world, feeling trapped in their poverty & palace, respectively. I originally envisioned a scene where Aladdin climbs over the palace wall while Jasmine sneaks out of the bottom, but that interpretation was missing the key component, the lens through which Aladdin & Jasmine: love! (aw)

Love opens up a whole new world for the duo, opening their eyes to the treasure & beauty of the world they’re already in, as long as they have each other to see the magic. The couple flies through the city of Agrabah on their magic carpet and, through the magic of their love, are able to see their home as the treasure trove it really is.

Early sketch and detail shots below!