Welcome to CT City, a monthly profile of Connecticut artists currently killing it. Being so close to NYC, CT artists have to fight a little harder to get out of the shadow of the Empire State, but deserve just as much respect. CT has a LOT going for it; these are some of the artists doing the Constitution State Proud!

First up, the newest on the art scene: Tara Borromeo, a portrait, events & lifestyle photographer based out of Northford, CT. Having originally chosen a career path in nursing & working as an Optometrist Technician by day, Tara has spent the last five months obsessively learning the ins & outs of her Canon arsenal, which now consists of two cameras & three lenses. Any photographer knows how expensive equipment can be, but no cost is too great for this budding photo professional.

“I don’t know if I’ve been doing this long enough to know exactly what being an artist in CT means but..I’d like to be able to bring depth to its image. Show that it’s much more than cows and rich people.”

In just two seasons, Tara has accomplished the feats of working with lighting, editing, and shooting for maternity, family, & even two local weddings. Her chops have already reached the coasts of Europe, where she managed to turn being unexpectedly stranded in Turkey & Budapest into exceptional travel photography. Did I mention she’s a single mother? She managed to birth her own arsenal of adorable models to practice portraits on, & at the rate which she’s improved in such a short time, her girls will be killing the runways while momma bear snaps in just a few years.

Her work can be seen below and much more at @taraborromeo. If you’re a photographer looking for a behind the scenes or second shooter, or a model looking to practice your posing & get some killer IG material, don’t hesitate to reach out!