For this installment of A to Z Logos, the Yaks Basketball team gets an ultra bold logo! Forgive the corniness of the naming conventions for these first few – end of the alphabet woes. In my efforts to keep the logo minimalist but differentiated from a bull, I focused less on the snout of a yak (usually the favorite part of a bull, adorned with a nose ring more often than not) & more on what look to me like enviable yak bangs. This break in the shape helps establish the different planes of the face, & give some depth to the yak’s face. I kept with the sharp, angled line style to allude to a basketball in the negative space of the horns – which, as the lines on any basketball, can double as an overhead view of a basketball court.

Sketches & artboard below! I started to create a logotype for this piece, but didn’t want to distract from the ultra moody & intimidating yak head. I can see this being spray painted across rival territory in anticipation of away-game wins. May revisit this once the series is done to flesh out applications & branding!