What started out as a senior class project quickly snowballed into a fan art poster series for some of my all-time favorite movies: Disney Classics!

For the first in the series, I chose my favorite Disney princess (at the time), Pocahontas. I was often called Pocahontas as a child, as I shared her iconic long locks and plump pout. And yes, as the daughter of the Chief Powhatan she IS technically a princess, but unfortunately (and infuriatingly so) she often is excluded from Disney the princess category and merch. What’s up, Disney!?

But I digress. I wanted the poster (and the subsequent series) to bring to the forefront the core theme and message behind the movie in a vector style that paid homage to the young audience being sold these often heavy and overlooked-until-adulthood messages.

Pulling from scenes and iconography from the movie, I wanted to tell the core story of self-discovery and self-identity. The world around her was so set on hatred, fear of the unknown and greed, but Pocahontas chose her own path of understanding and love and unapologetically followed her heart.

Some detail shots below!