RAPID CATCHUP TIME PART II. Fallen behind on blog posts BUT nearing the end of this project! It’s been incredibly challenging to keep up but so rewarding being able to pull through!

Joyous Quartet




Started out with a different name for this one – Jubilee Quartet. I took a look at instrument shapes and saw a pretty sweet J in the shape of a saxophone if this were a brass quartet. Upon bringing it into illustrator though, I wasn’t convinced. I took a few steps back and instead looked at actual music symbols/notes from written music. Rather than reinvent the wheel I saw an opportunity to unfold the easily recognizable musical symbol the G clef in a similar fashion as I’d unfold a paper clip. This unfolded shape forms a pretty sweet J that I’d live to see emblazoned on gear and stationery for a smooth quartet of any genre! Original sketches and artboard below.

Inferno Restaurant

For this execution I imagined a juicy, grilled meat patty branded with the restaurant logo – a set of grill marks in which an I is incorporated. pretty simple execution – for different sizes and uses, I’d imagine properly sized texture & adjusted line/grill mark weights. Now I’m just hungry for a burger..sketches & artboard below.

Holistic Health Spa

My initial sketches for Heavenly Spa were leaning towards the swooshy, abstract & arbitrary marks that are so painfully overdone for the luxury health & wellness market. In an effort to shake these tropes, I actually considered re-using elements from my Sleep Inn/Hotel logo, as if the spa was a part of the hotel chains. Instead, I opted for a more practical look and name that’s more peacefully simple. Strokes in varying thicknesses convey a re-centering of the self, an inward movement with a more serious style of voice. This is another example of where I’d see a full identity system really bringing this idea to light – gradients of peaceful tints, gloss and matte textures creating a tactile experience. etc. Sketch & artboard below!