Next in the A to Z Logos project: Walter Dental. I personally, hate the dentist. There’s probably nothing I hate doing more than going to the dentist. Most likely because every trip as a kid meant drilling, filling & being told to stop eating candy. These days, not much has changed.

I lucked out with this letter combination and quickly fixated on the concept of creating a W with the bottom part of a tooth. Anatomically 100% accurate? Judging from the ones I’ve had yanked from my skull definitely not, but it is accurate to what the general public has come to believe teeth look like – cute, chubby little four-legged bones. This negative space/minimalistic approach feels just the right amount of friendly & professional, abstract but easy to interpret without giving it a face & making it hold a toothbrush that obviously isn’t big enough to brush itself with.

In my artboard shot below, you’ll see the makings of a promising wordmark with a convincingly matching font that might be a little too friendly, but a dentist-hater like myself knows those “subtle” sharp terminals are all-too accurate of what to expect when going to hell- I mean the dentist.