Welcome to the first behind the scenes look at a series of logo design exercises I’m calling A to Z Logos! I absolutely love logo & identity design, but I don’t get to do as much logo design as I’d like at my day job. I decided to give myself the challenge of coming up with 26 logo designs for fictional businesses – one for every letter of the alphabet. To keep things interesting (& extra hard, as it turns out) I picked business names for each letter of the alphabet, in a business category that starts with the opposite letter! So, for example: an Airline that starts with the letter Z; a Basketball team that starts with the letter Y; and so on. For some of my favorites, I may flesh out the identity to include a full branding exploration, applications, etc. But for now, I’m just stretching my vector limbs to stay fresh!

In this instance, I created a logo for Zephyr Airline. Right from my first sketches, I envisioned something that conveyed both movement and comfort. I soon recognized the letter Z could be formed out of opposing directional arrows, conveying the endless possibilities of destinations this airline could takes it’s customers, connecting them from point A to point Z (start of a tagline, maybe?).

Have a look at my sketches below. I’m also including a snapshot of my artboard for each of these designs. After an amazing talk by Aaron Draplin last summer, I don’t feel so bad for having artboards that look like a vector atom bomb exploded on my screen! If it’s part of the process for the man behind Draplin Design Co., it’s gotta be good practice, amiright?